Collection: Floral Collection

Did someone say green? Embrace our beautiful floral stained glass collection!

Our Floral Collection Includes

  • Biloba Leafs: Delicate stained glass biloba leaves that add a touch of nature's elegance to any setting. Unlike real leaves, these beauties never fade.
  • Sun Catchers: Stunning stained glass sun catchers that bring vibrant floral patterns into your home, brightening up any space with everlasting blooms.
  • Tabletops: Elegant stained glass tabletops featuring intricate floral designs, perfect for coffee tables or nightstands. These tables are both functional and decorative, offering a timeless beauty that doesn't wilt.
  • Stained Glass Window Panels: Gorgeous panels that transform any window into a floral masterpiece, capturing the essence of flowers like poppies, tulips, and lilies, with the added benefit of never wilting.

The Story of Floral Themed Glass Art:

The art of stained glass has captivated people for centuries, transforming homes and sacred spaces with its radiant beauty. Our collection draws inspiration from nature's finest blooms, featuring apple, pear, oak leaf, grape, maple, cherry, garlic, pomegranate, red poppy, tulip, lily, chamomile, narcissus, eucalyptus, magnolia, iris, and more. These floral designs celebrate the timeless elegance of nature, preserved forever in glass.


Our Work Process:

Each piece in our collection is sustainably handmade by professional artisans. We carefully select eco-friendly materials and utilize traditional stained glass techniques. The process involves cutting, foiling, and soldering glass pieces, followed by detailed finishing touches to ensure each product is a unique and high-quality work of art.


Product Aesthetics in the Home Interior and it's Benefits as a Gift

Our floral stained glass decorations add a vibrant splash of color and elegance to any room. They create a serene and inviting atmosphere, perfect for any home. These pieces make wonderful gifts for lots of occasions (housewarming events, birthdays, weddings, mother's days, etc.), offering a lasting reminder of love and appreciation, while enhancing home decor with perpetual blooms.


Saving the Craft and Art History with This Collection:

By choosing our handmade stained glass decorations, you are supporting the preservation of a timeless craft. Each piece showcases the rich history and artistry of stained glass making, ensuring this beautiful art form continues to thrive.



  • Q: How do I clean and maintain my stained glass product?
    • A: Simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth and avoid harsh chemicals. For deeper cleaning, a mild soap and water solution works well.
  • Q: Can I customize my stained glass order?
    • A: Absolutely! We offer personalized orders to bring your unique vision to life. Contact us to discuss your custom design preferences.
  • Q: Are stained glass decorations suitable for outdoor use?
    • A: While our products are designed primarily for indoor use, they can withstand gentle outdoor conditions. We recommend placing them in sheltered areas to ensure longevity.

Personalized Orders:

We offer customization options to create the perfect piece for your home. Whether you desire a specific flower or a unique design, our artisans can craft a bespoke piece that perfectly complements your style and space. Contact us to discuss your custom order and add a special touch to your floral-themed decor.