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halloween bat and moon stained glass

halloween bat and moon stained glass

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Introducing our captivating Moon and Bat Halloween Stained Glass Decoration – a spellbinding fusion of celestial charm and spooky allure. Handcrafted with meticulous care, this haunting home decor piece features a mesmerizing moon backdrop adorned with an enchanting bat suspended in mid-flight, adding an element of mystique to your space.

🌙 Celestial Enchantment: Elevate your Halloween decor with this stunning stained glass creation that captures the magic of the moonlit night. The intricate moon design serves as a bewitching backdrop for the striking bat, creating a scene that's both celestial and spooky.

🦇 Eerie Elegance: Crafted from high-quality stained glass, this decoration comes to life as the moon and bat catch and scatter the light, casting an ethereal glow that adds an air of mystery to any room.

🌌 Intriguing Detail: A daring bat, cleverly designed to appear as if it's slipping upside down, adds a touch of dynamic movement and intrigue to the piece. This carefully crafted detail enhances the overall visual impact.

🌒 Versatile Display: Hang this decoration in your window to capture the moon's radiant light or showcase it on your wall as a unique work of art. Its timeless design allows it to effortlessly complement various decor themes. This decoration comes to life when sunlight dances across its surface.

🌠 Product Details:
- Dimensions: 18 cm x 15 cm
- Handmade stained glass
- Features: Moon, bat in sleep, dynamic design

🦇 Mystical Craftsmanship: Handcrafted with unwavering attention to detail, this decoration is a testament to our artisans' skill. The unique upside-down bat design adds an extra layer of artistic intrigue.

Invite the magic of the night sky into your home with our Moon and Bat Stained Glass Decoration. Perfect for Halloween or year-round, it seamlessly combines celestial beauty with a touch of spooky charm, making it a statement piece that captivates and enchants.

Height: 18 cm - 7 inches
Width: 15 cm - 5.9 inches

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Includes the product itself and also vacuum suction cup for hanging on window

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