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Sea shells Stained glass sun catcher

Sea shells Stained glass sun catcher

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Hand crafted stained glass hanging Sea shells suncatcher made in Tiffany technique, made of colorful art glass, marble glass, cooper foil, tin, black patina and some painting for add details and make it look more interesting.
You can use it as pendant gift to decor home windows or walls. Item has a chain for easily hanging wherever you prefer

A handmade stained glass sea shell suncatcher is a decorative piece of art that is designed to reflect the beauty of the sea. It is made using carefully cut pieces of colorful stained glass that are arranged in a sea shell shape and soldered together. The suncatcher is finished with a metal ring or chain for hanging and is designed to catch the sunlight and create a beautiful display of colors and patterns in the room.

The stained glass sea shell suncatcher is a unique and beautiful addition to any home, office or outdoor space. Its intricate design and colorful patterns make it a perfect decoration for beach-themed rooms, bathrooms or any other space where you want to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere.

Height: 17 cm - 6.6 inches
Width: 17 cm - 6.6 inches

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Includes the product itself and also vacuum suction cup for easily hanging on window

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