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Titmouse stained glass suncatcher

Titmouse stained glass suncatcher

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This handmade stained glass titmouse bird suncatcher is a stunning and unique piece of art that will add a touch of nature's beauty to any home. The suncatcher is crafted from high-quality stained glass that has been carefully cut and soldered together to create a beautiful and intricate bird design.

The titmouse bird is depicted in intricate details with its soft feathers, delicate wings, and charming expression. The suncatcher is designed to be hung in a window, where it will catch the sunlight and create a beautiful display of colors and patterns.

The suncatcher is made with a variety of beautiful colored glass, which comes alive with the light of the sun, casting a lovely and peaceful atmosphere throughout the room. The suncatcher is an excellent way to add a touch of the outdoors to your indoor space.

Please note that just like a real bird, some details might be a little different since they are handmade.

Height: 10 cm -3.9"
Width: 11 cm - 4.3"

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Includes the product itself and also vacuum suction cup for hanging on window easily

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